Via Montevecchio, 56, 61032 Fano
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Via Montevecchio, 56, 61032 Fano (PU)

Intermed farmhouses


Code 2008 €750.000,00

CASALE ROSE 750.000 E...

Large country house with a beautiful driveway with 7,498 sqm of land and a swimming pool. and a barn of 30 sqm . Not far...

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Code 1987 €950.000,00

VILLA BONAGIO 950.000...

This old monastery has been tranformed in 1992 in a wonderful villa ,The villa is situated on a beautiful location , jus...

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Code 1973 €1.590.000,00

VILLA VIGNETO 1.590.00...

Some places can be whatever you want. This house, laying in a sunny area and surrounded by the vineyards of Lacrima di M...

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Code 1966 €1.800.000,00


This traditional farmhouse has been transformed in a stunning Villa with high qualified material, but it still maintaine...

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Code 1932 €850.000,00


This beautiful Villa is situated on a location with a splendid panorama and just a few minutes away from the nearest vil...

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